Services We Provide

We are ready to do our Best to make our customer satisfied with our company services! Here is the list of our Services

We are ready to do our Best to make our customer satisfied with our services!

These are the Services that our team is providing:

Please refer to theĀ Advantages section to see the benefits when using our Services.

Verification Services

  • Verification Plan Creation
  • System Verilog Verification of the DUT
  • UVM Verification of the DUT
  • Assertions Development
  • Coverage Development
  • Register Package Development
  • Testbench translation from old methodologies (OVM, VMM) to UVM
  • Timing simulation (SDF annotated)
  • Verification Flow Creation
  • Assertions Synthesize for DUT, verify on FPGA
  • DUT implementation on FPGA

Scripting Services:

  • TCL
  • Perl
  • Python

FPGA Design Services:

  • FPGA Design
  • FPGA Coding using HLS
  • Migration from ISE to Vivado tool
  • RTL Architectural Enhancements
  • CDC Suggestions
  • Synthesis scripts development
  • Documentation Creation
  • Power Consumption Decreasing Methodologies Suggestion – clock gating, voltage scaling, threshold hopping

Computer Vision and Machine Learning Services:

  • OpenCV on FPGA
  • TensorFlow on FPGA
  • Object Tracking using FPGA
  • Xilinx reVision implementation on FPGA


  • Get Free System Verilog and UVM on-live training when using our Verification services
  • Get Free FPGA and Xilinx Vivado on-live training when using our FPGA Design services
  • All our verification services come together with our scripting services. Any type of scripting automation will be done by our company
  • Get FREE documentation when using our Verification services!
  • Redmine based Issue tracking mechanism to track our services status
  • If 1 day delay from the schedule in our services, you get our services for FREE