• Supports SPI Specification written in
    • Motorola S12SP1V3/D SPI Block Guide V03.06
    • SPI bus specification as defined in M68HC11 user manual rev 5.0
    • OIF-SPI-4-02.1
    • Slave device support for BOSCH SMB380 and RICOH R2033K
  • Master mode support
  • Slave mode support
  • Support for multiple slaves
  • Multiple Transmission Mode support
    • Support clock polarity (CPOL) selection
    • Support clock phase (CPHA) selection
    • Support MSB/LSB first data transmission
    • 8/16/32/64 bit wide Transmit/Receive Data Path, support data width from 4 to 64 bits
  • Support internal clock division check
  • Support single and burst transfer mode
  • Glitch insertion and detection
  • SPI Slave can be configured as standard device or can use FIFO for data passing.
  • Mechanism to specify Master generates SCLK frequency – e.g. divide one of its input clocks to the given value
  • Support for Baud Rate Control
  • Bidirectional Mode support (MOMI or SISO)
  • Support for Low Power Mode testing
  • Wait and Stop Modes support
  • Error Conditions testing support
  • Mechanism to control the periods of test-bench generated clocks
  • Integrated Register Package
  • Assertions Support
  • Coverage Support
  • Events and Callbacks Support
  • Customized Messaging
  • Ready test scenarios
  • Driver, Monitor, Scoreboard class functions customization
  • Automation Scripts
  • Documentation


  • All System Verilog classes can be reused
  • Runs in every major simulators environment.
  • Runs in Xilinx FPGA
  • Free On-Live SystemVerilog and UVM 2 day Training
  • Support for VIP understanding, configuration and integration
  • Automation Scripts development
  • DUT DRC Rule Check using in-house tools
  • Support for Verification Flow Development

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