This VIP is for the asynchronous FIFO as a DUT.  The FIFO has developed for Cliff Cummings FIFO, written in his article. However the VIP supports all possible configurations of the FIFO.

  1. Asynchronous WRITE and READ FIFO
  2. Synchronous WRITE and READ FIFO
  3. Synchronous WRITE and READ FIFO, without WE input
  4. Asynchronous WRITE and READ FIFO, without full and empty outputs


  • Supports constraints Randomization.
  • Supports a trace stream comprised of 4-bit or any-bit frames.
  • Supports all types of error insertion and detection
  • Functional coverage for complete features.
  • Support multiple clocks
  • Support SDF annotated timing simulation
  • Support for Assertions check
  • Support all possible power down and up models


  • All UVM sequences/testcases written with VIP can be reused
  • Runs in every major emulators environment.
  • Runs in custom FPGA platform



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